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Opening a Real Estate School

The Georgia Real Estate Commission is responsible for approving and regulating all approved real estate schools. Only approved schools may offer courses. No organization, instructor, course developer or speaker may offer a course for credit by the Commission unless it is an approved school or an approved school offers the course.

A real estate school may be a proprietary organization or business school existing primarily to offer courses. A school may be a real estate company, a mortgage company, the continuing education department of a college or technical school, or a business specializing in real estate services of some kind (i.e. home inspection, pest control, energy services).

The information provided in this section provides an overview of the requirements and application procedures for opening a real estate school. Prior to completing an application to open a school, an applicant must read the Real Estate Education Manual and the Rules & Regulations for Real Estate Schools.

Application Requirements

To open a new real estate school, the applicant must submit the Application to Open a Real Estate School to the Commission. A cashiers check or money order for $175 payable to the Georgia Real Estate Commission must accompany the application. In addition to the name and address of the school or person offering real estate course(s), the application must include as detailed in section 520-2-.02 of the Rules & Regulations:

The Commission shall approve, disapprove or request further information on all applications for instructor approval within 60 days of the receipt of a completed application. Upon approval, the Commission will issue a number to the school which is designated as the school code. The school code must be on all records certifying students in approved courses. The Commission requires the code on renewal applications and other communications between the school and the Commission.

Maintaining & Renewing Approval

The Commission approves schools for a four-year renewal period. A school renews its approval by December 31st of the fourth year following the year of approval. For example, a school approved by the Commission on November 1, 2002, would renew its approval on December 31st, 2006. Prior to renewal, the Commission provides a renewal application for each school renewing in December. Each school may renew online through the online services section of this site or by returning the paper application with the appropriate fee. The renewal fee for a school is $100.00 for online renewals and $125.00 for paper renewals.

If your school approval has lapsed, you can apply for reinstatement with the Real Estate School Approval Reinstatement Form.