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Real Estate Instructors

Only real estate instructors approved, by name, by the Commission may teach Community Association Manager's Prelicense, Salesperson's Prelicense, and Broker's Prelicense approved courses. Schools may utilize guest instructors with expertise in particular areas in any approved course provided a properly approved instructor is present at the time of the presentation or with prior written approval of the Commission.

The Commission does not require approved schools to file an application or request approval from the Commission before hiring an instructor for approved postlicense or continuing education courses.

Application Requirements

To apply for instructor approval, the applicant must submit the Application for Prelicense Instructor to the Commission. A cashiers check or money order for $175 payable to the Georgia Real Estate Commission must accompany the application. The application must include:

The Commission may approve a non-resident instructor who has been approved by another jurisdiction's real estate regulatory body and who can provide evidence of having already taught prelicense courses as an approved instructor for at least 5 years.

Maintaining & Renewing Approval

Renewal of Instructor Approval. All instructors must apply for renewal of approval by December 31 of the year in which their approval expires. Renewal applications must be on forms supplied the Commission and accompanied by: