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Request an Investigation

The Appraisal Act provides that "The Board may, upon its own motion, and shall, upon the sworn written request of any person, investigate the actions of any appraiser, applicant, or school approved by the Board." The law limits the Board's investigative authority solely to issues related to the Appraisal Act.

The Board's investigations do not determine whether a violation of any other area of law has occurred. For example, the Board cannot settle such issues as loan amount a lender may make based on an appraisal, repairs to property, or payment of fees to appraisers. The law of contracts control these issues. If the parties cannot resolve such issues themselves, they should consult an attorney or the small claims court of their county for assistance.

Anyone who files a request for investigation with the Board and has suffered a financial loss should not wait for the results of a Board investigation before consulting an attorney. The Board cannot help replace a financial loss. The law allows the Board to reprimand, suspend, or revoke a classification and/or to impose fines or education requirements on an appraiser.

The Board may only investigate real estate appraisers or persons performing the acts of an appraiser without proper registration, licensure, or certification. It cannot take action against persons acting properly under an exception to registration, licensure, or certification requirements.

The public and all appraisers should understand two basic facts regarding Board investigations. First, when the Board initiates an investigation no one should make the inference that the Board believes a violation of the law has occurred or is charging anyone with a violation of the law. Nothing could be further from the truth. Only after reviewing the results of an investigation might the Board allege that a violation has occurred and bring charges. If it does bring charges, the Board, not the person who requested the investigation, is the Complainant in the matter. Second, unless the Board orders a formal hearing, the name of the person requesting the investigation and all other materials in the Board's investigative file remain confidential and closed to the appraiser being investigated and to the public.

To initiate and investigation, you need to download complete and submit the Request for Investigation GREAB Form.