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Classification by Reciprocity

Georgia offers classification by reciprocity only to Licensed, Certified Residential and Certified General appraisers.

In order to receive a reciprocal classification, you must:

  1. be listed as active on the National Registry maintained by the Appraisal Subcommittee*. Click here to verify that you are listed, OR
  2. If you are not active on the National Registry, you will need to submit a certified copy (not more than one year old) of the history of your classification from the appraiser regulatory agency of the state in which you are a resident.*

*Note: If you have received a disciplinary sanction in another state, you must submit a certified copy of the history of your classification from that state.

The fee for a Georgia classification is either $135 or $175, depending on your birth month. If the date of issuance is after your birth this year, the fee is $135. If the date of issuance is during, or prior to, your birth month this year, the fee is $175. To obtain a classification by reciprocity, you must submit a Application.  

A Practice Permit is available to licensed or certified appraisers in good standing from another jurisdiction.  The permit is available for a single assignment for a federally related transaction only.  The fee is $150.00.


Individuals who hold a “Trainee” classification in another state may be able to use their education courses to become a State Registered or State Trainee appraiser in Georgia. You must submit the for State Registered or the for State Trainee application.