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Information (Not Legal Advice) From Staff

The Information Specialists in the Commission's Information Services Division are always ready and willing to provide assistance to licensees and to the public. That assistance is solely in providing information. The staff can not provide interpretations of the License Law or the Rules or advise callers on how to proceed in a particular situation.

Often the Commission's staff receives requests for advice on or interpretations of contractual obligations. The staff is unable to help with those requests for three reasons. First, no one on the staff is licensed to practice law. Second, not even a licensed attorney could give competent advice or interpretation over the phone without having seen the contract itself. Third, neither the Commission nor its staff members are authorized to give legal advice to licensees or the public.

Having said that, the Information Specialists at the Commission can and do provide substantial assistance to licensees and the public in a number of ways including:

Just as Commission staff members can not interpret the License Law and the Rules or give advice, they can not:

The information contained in this article is believed to be current and accurate. The GREC staff reviews the contents periodically and updates it when appropriate. If you have questions or comments about this article, you may contact us at . Last reviewed August, 2006.